(Ron & Russell Mael)
Oh pretty baby
You look helpless
There is beauty in pain
Help is coming
So don't you worry
Don't even try to explain

The sirens blaring
The look of panic
These are the signs of a dream
Cry pretty baby
You'll feel better
I'm trying hard not to scream

What will your mother say
What will your father say
What will the angels say
As they hide in disgrace
From your beautiful face

Hush my darling
There's tomorrow
We'll be laughing again
We'll buy a camera
We'll take vacations
Try not to move if you can

Without a warning
Without a reason
There wasn't even a scream
Don't call it tragic
That gives it meaning
I'm trying hard not to scream

(Chorus x 2)

A tiny diamond
Lies out on Main Street
That's all that's left of our love
Without your loving
My life is nothing
How can I ever go on

(Chorus x 2)

In a movie a life can be summed up in a word
It's a useful, dramatic device
In the real world, with real flesh and real blood
One word is never, ever enough