Please, Baby, Please

(Ron & Russell Mael)
I don't know why you treat me this way
I'm a sensitive guy and I'm really in pain
But you're cool to the point of saying "no dice"
Well, I'll never accept it, never accept it
Just think it over tonite
Just think it over for one more nite (oh)


Please baby please
Can't ya treat me better
Please baby please
Can't ya treat me better

I've been making a fool of myself
As the corniest guy in all of L.A.
Sending flowers and candy, the things I detest
But I gotta impress you, gotta impress you
All the things that I've tried
Are all the things that I once despised (oh)


No one's worth all the stuff I go through
Only you, only you, only you, only you
You no speakee the language when I get near
And I'm losin' it fast, I'm gettin' weird