I Bought The Mississippi River

(Ron Mael)
I bought the Mississippi River
Of course that don't include the towns
or the people
around the Mississippi
Well, to cinch the deal the man threw
in a boat with crew
and then I knew I'd better grab that
river fast
It wouldn't last
They never do, they never do
It wouldn't last, last, last

So now I own the Mississippi
I couldn't decide if I should leave it there
or lug it out West with me
The best thing was to think about it,
not to make a move I might regret
cause then I'd have to have the
Mississippi sent back East, complete
with boat and crew
That wouldn't do, do, do

It's mine, all mine
(You know, it's yours, all yours)
It's mine, all mine
(You know, it's yours, all yours)

Do rivers ever need companions
Should I enquire if the Seine is
available, yeah, I would rather have
a classy little Frenchy than a Nile or
a Tybo, oh
Now wait a minute, how about the
Amazon, now that could be real fun
For Mississippi, for Mississippi,
for Mississippi, My Mississippi

I hope that I didn't make an error
I hope this ain't a lot more trouble
than it's all really worth