Видео и клипы Sparks

Их клипы видели лишь единицы. Возможно, вы как раз входите в счастливое число этих избранных. Если вы сделаете усилие и вызовете в памяти далекие воспоминания, вы, вероятно, вспомните, что однажды видели их клип, но не знали о том, что это те самые легендарные Sparks. Вспомните их видеоролик «Now That I Own the BBC» (там, где действие разворачивается на океанском лайнере «BBC») или «When I Kiss You (I Hear Charlie Parker Playing)» (там, где два брата борются за прекрасную женщину в исполнении Кристи Хэйдон). Это и есть братья Рон и Рассел Маэлы, которым однажды в голову пришла счастливая мысль создать группу...

When I'm with You When Do I Get to Sing My Way? This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us Balls Beat the Clock La Dolce Vita Thank God It's Not Christmas B.C. This Town Ain't Big Enough Now that I own the BBC MICKEY MOUSE Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth All You Ever Think About is Sex Dick Around The rhythm thief I Predict Looks Looks Looks Lighten Up, Morrissey Good Morning Get Crazy Occupation Tryouts for the human race I Wish I Looked a Little Better I Married Myself Tips for Teens Suburban Homeboy I can't believe you would fall for all the crap in this song The Number One Song In Heaven Amateur Hour Live Funny Face Singing in the shower My Baby's Taking Me Home With all my might Get In The Swing Music That You Can Dance To Goofing Off This Town Aint Big Enough promo 1974 Here comes Bob / Moon over Kentucky Propaganda/At Home At Work At Play Popularity Metaphor Pretending To Be Drunk Sherlock Holmes Nicotina Perfume When I Kiss You In the future Reinforcements Eaten By The Monster Of Love Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat & Interview Falling In Love With Myself Again Under The Table With Her - Live 2008 Propaganda Thanks But No Thanks Strange Animal As i sit down to play the organ at the Notre Dame cathedral Ron & Russell Mael Interview Let's Go Surfing The Ghost of Liberace The Louvre/Batts.not in. /Whippings and apologies Everybody's Stupid Academy Award Performance Girl From Germany Armies Of The Night Number 1 Song In Heaven Pineapple Something For The Girl With Everything How do I Get to Carnegie Hall RELAX Live! presents: Rock Rock Rock My Other Voice Here In Heaven Big Boy Rockin' Girls A Big Surprise Upstairs I Like Girls Morrissey - Moon Over Kentucky I Married a Martian Hospitality On Parade - 12/2/2006 Moustache Sports Ugly Guys With Beautiful Girls Barbecutie Mr Bergman how are you The Escape Of Ingmar Bergman. National Crime Awareness Week Let the monkey drive RELAX Live! presents: Very next fight Young Girls Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil She got me - Pregnant Just Got Back From Heaven Your Call's Very Important to Us. Please Hold. Talent Is An Asset Tits ANGST IN MY PANTS It's a Knock Off Photoshop - June 13th 2008 B.e.a.v.e.r O' L.i.n.d.y Introducing I?m not

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