Simple Ballet

(Ron & Russel Mael)
In the city, in the country, in the towns throughout the world
All will join in, in the big scene,
So won't you please take off your shoes?

It's a ballet, simple ballet, so let's dance on
Pick a partner, take a tall one, take a small
one, take a fat one and let's dance on

Crews will film it, add the music
while the world has its feet engaged
Some critics love it, yet some pan it,
some say "it's likely to cause a rage"

There'll be long shots, there'll be close shots, there'll be mid-shots
Simple ballet was an idea, then a novel,
next a movie, soon on T.V.

It's promotion of a new way of thinking
Instead of "Hey, orange drink," vendors
will say, "get your souvenir posters of the ballet."

Do a plie' for the D.A. when he comes round
Your alleged conduct with the director has
raised some questions that he wants
answered (Good for the ratings)

It's a ballet, we thought a ballet and we danced on
We had no idea you'd hang out your coat on an
issue thin as tissue so we danced our ballet

And we danced our ballet
And we danced our ballet